Structural and Foundation Design

If you are thinking of re-modelling your home, adding an extension or converting the loft into additional living space, it is likely some structural engineering design will be required to size new beams, columns, floor joists and other loadbearing elements to comply with building regulations.

Brox Consultancy is able to carry out the necessary analysis and design in all the main building materials and can assess the adequacy of existing foundations under new loading, designing new foundations where necessary in conjunction with its expertise in geotechnical engineering.

For clients involved with new developments, residential or commercial, a full package is available to encompass all structural design from foundation to roof.

A sound knowledge of expected ground conditions is a valuable asset at the beginning of any project. With its combined experience of structural behaviour and soil mechanics, Brox Consultancy offers a foundation engineering service that seamlessly joins geotechnical site investigations with substructure design.

Structural Integrity Surveys

Does your Mortgage Valuation Survey or Home Buyer's Report highlight defects that call for a structural engineer's report? Do you want a second opinion on building defects you think just might be more than 'wear and tear'? Is the property you are thinking of buying structurally sound?

Brox Consultancy provides an inspection service to make sure you know about any structural defect that could affect the value of the property, or lead to significant repair costs.

Geotechnical Engineering

The many types of soil and rock that make up the surface of the UK behave in different ways when loaded by buildings and other structures. Brox Consultancy understands the engineering behaviour of these diverse natural deposits and is able to advise on cost-effective site investigations tailored to your project using our trusted site investigation specialists to carry out field work and laboratory testing. We can produce factual reports or a fully interpretative report giving, for example, recommendations for the design of foundations, retaining walls, roads and soakaways.

Subsidence Investigations

If you think your property is affected by subsidence then Brox Consultancy will be able to help. By calling on our considerable loss adjusting experience of investigating and handling domestic subsidence claims, we can inspect the area of concern and report on the likely cause of the problem. We can also implement the necessary investigations in order to present your insurance company with a full written report on the cause.

Contaminated Land Services

Planning permission for new buildings on previously developed sites often comes with a condition that its contaminated land status is assessed in accordance with industry recognised practice. Brox Consultancy can carry out a desk study to establish the historical use of the site from which a preliminary assessment of contamination can be made. If contaminants are suspected, intrusive investigations can be organised and further assessment made on the level of contamination and recommendations provided for any remedial work. Wherever possible, we incorporate an element of geotechnical investigation when sampling for contaminated soil so information can be obtained on the engineering properties of the natural ground for foundation design in a single combined visit and so reducing costs and construction delay.

Building Land Assessments

Brox Consultancy can offer a complete and independent assessment of land assigned for potential commercial or residential development; to land buyers by appraising a vendor's information pack to highlight any problem areas (e.g. ground contamination, special foundation needs), and to sellers by advising on any investigations in order to realise the sale price.

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